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RIZAP KBC Augusta Golf Tournament 2019

Legendary Isao Aoki gave local elementary school children a "Tour"

The summer vacation for the children are almost over, so Legendary Aoki has invited local Itoshima City's elementary school students to the tournament. He greeted 23 students from 4th grade to 6th grade on Friday.

Students took a "Tour" around the tournament and saw the backstage of the broadcasting announcing booth, press center and interviewing room. They also experience the touch of the slick and quick green of Keya GC at the putting range. Students also was able to cut holes on the green with the guidance of the green keepers.

Isao Aoki asked the students about their dreams, what the want to become when they grow up.
"The tournament is supported by so many staffs working early in the morning to late at night. Today, I want all of you to see many types of jobs that supports this tournament and learn. May be there could be a job that you might want to do in the future."

After the tour, many students gathered around Isao and asked for his autograph. Itoshima City where the students' school is located also suffered heavy rain. There was not much harm done, but their school's playing ground was flooded at one time. Students will return to the new semester from September 2nd. JGTO hopes that the "tour" was able to give them some good summer memories to take home.