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RIZAP KBC Augusta Golf Tournament 2019

Ryo Ishikawa cries over the careless mistake which cost him 2 penalty shots

Ryo Ishikawa was going after the 3-in-a-row victory, but at the end it turned out as a nightmare.
"I really don't know what I was thinking. The fact is too much shocking for me."

The final 18th hole was supposed to be birdie, but one small but costly mistake lead to 2 shot penalty. Ryo plunged to tie to 13th.

Ryo was at 16 under coming to 18th. The leader Kazuki Higa was too far away to catch, but Ryo showed magnificent short game from the front of the green and crowd loved it. He made a graceful birdie putt to close his tournament. But right after he went into the scoring tent, his regrettable mistake was detected.

Rules marshal came up to Ryo and said, "Did you place back the ball marker?"
Until that moment, Ryo had totally forgotten that he has moved the ball marker for his playing partner. He waited until the others to putt, then he went on to putt, but forgot to place the ball marker back.

"I totally forgot that I even replaced my marker."
Ryo broke the USGA Rule 14.7a "Place from where ball must be played" and received 2 shot penalty. But he didn't get cautioned and carded in his score without the penalty, he would have been DQ.
"It was my carelessness. I have done it once in my junior days and it was such a bitter memory. But I am disappointed that I made my playing partners feel and too."

The players who were in the same group as Ryo were apologizing that they have forgotten too and couldn't warn him before he putted.
"I am ashamed to make them feel sorry for the mistake that I made."

Ryo was going after the big challenge of doing 3 straight tournament wins. He couldn't accomplish the task, but he thought he was on a right track. So, to find out that he has made such a basic mistake made him feel pretty upset.
"It might take a while to get my fighting spirit back, but as for next week, I want to make sure that I would never harm the playing partners ways and play cautiously."