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RIZAP KBC Augusta Golf Tournament 2019

Rikuya Hoshino happy with his 2nd finish and praises himself

Rikuya Hoshino was in happy mood after the round at the interview point. He finished 5 shots behind the leader at solo 2nd.
"I did good, didn't I? I always have tough times here in Keya GC, but I did great this week. I am surprised of myself."

Keya GC is the only venue on the Japan Golf Tour which uses Korai greens. The blades of korai grass are stiff and can significantly affect how a ball roll. The turf stands up, slowing putts more than bent grass would. Rikuya couldn't find the way to conquer the Korai green until this year.

Rikuya did make the CUT in 2017, but he has too much bad memories at this course. So, this year he really feels that he has found the answer to beat the Korai green.

"I just can't believe that I was able to score 7 under again today. If I can't win with making 65 twice on the weekend, that is that. I am very satisfied with my play this week I haven't felt this way so a while. The Korai green that I once hated is now becoming my favorite."