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Asia Pacific Open Golf Championship Diamond Cup Golf 2019

Denzel Ieremia from NZ marked astonishing 317.50 yards average for the 4 Rounds

Denzel Ieremia couldn't grab the winning trophy, but he grabbed so many Japanese golf fan's attention with the huge drives he made during the 4 Rounds at this year's Diamond Cup. Denzel was 2 shots short from winning the tournament, but he holds the best score of the tournament 66, the one he seemed easily to mark on his 3rd Round.

He took home, 1 million yen prize for the best score and also added another 1 million yen prize for the best driving distance. His average driving distance of the 4 Rounds was 317.50 yards, runner-up Viraj Madappa's average was 308.35, so Denzel was way up at the top for that division.

"I am glad that I was able to show my talents."

Denzel was planning to use his driving distance as his key power to win the tournament, but from pressure his shot were not finding the fairways. He managed not to break up with his putting strength. He made a chip-in birdie on the final 18 and made a roar.

He has graduated from Iowa State University last December and has just turned to Pro in February this year. This Diamond Cup was his 4th tournament as a Pro, and he came with a sponsor invitation. It was his first time to visit Japan as well.
"This was the biggest tournament for me and was a tough one to start my professional career. But I am grateful that I was able to play at this beautiful course and tried out all of my might. I will treasure this experience."

188cm tall and gentlemanly smiles. He certainly will be a hopeful rising star that Japan Tour and fans will sure to welcome.