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Token Homemate Cup 2019

Hiroshi Iwata scored bogey free 67 on the moving Saturday

38 years old, Hiroshi Iwata on his 15th year on the Japan Tour, made a smooth jump up to the top group on the moving Saturday with bogey free round with 4 birdies adding to only 2 behind the co-leaders.

Media was sure to hear him being happy about his round, but his words were totally opposite.
"Actually, I am kind of depressed. For some years now, I'm not satisfied with my shot making. I cannot seem to put enough power onto the ball. Then I strain it too much and it's out of control."

He went on to recall the second shot at the 17th on the Round 2, where he was 206 yards to the pin, went for it with 6 Iron, he felt it perfect, but it ended up 30 yards short.
"I felt as if I had to redo everything from a scratch."

Hiroshi challenged for USPGA Tour back in 2016, there his game went downhill.
"Back then, I felt really low. But when I reflect it now, it was a fun challenge."

Hiroshi does have hope to challenge for the US again someday, but he feels its long way to go.
He ended his contract with his gear maker, so for this season he could use any club he wishes.
Hiroshi says, "So, it is all up to me, not the gears, because I choose to use them. I try to be very sincere playing golf, but I can't concentrate enough. I tend to think so much about how I strike the ball."

"I am sorry that I am talking only about my swing and not about my game in total."
His scores are well enough, but Hiroshi is not smiling, placing very harsh pressure on himself.