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Token Homemate Cup 2019

Yuta Ikeda makes his awaited appearance at the Opening Event in 3 years

Ryo Ishikawa couldn't make it to his second year beginning as the Players' Chairman today, but Vise Chairman held perfect opening on behalf of the Chairman.
"Originally, Ryo Ishikawa the Players' Chairman was to make the speech before the toast, but since he has withdrawn due to back injury, I will like to do the honors."

Yuta stood handsomely on the red carpet to do the honorary "kagami-wari", break opening a ceremonial sake barrel before the Pro-am tournament.
"Ryo really wanted to be here. He told me that he is wishing the very best for this tournament. So, with that said, I would like to toast for the great 2019 season and wish this opening tournament in Japan, the Token Homemate Cup to be a great success. Cheers everyone!"

Along with JGTO Chairman Isao Aoki and last year's Champion Atomu Shigenaga, Yuta lifted his glass.

This Token Homemate Cup will make a valuable page in golf history this year, Isao Aoki noted that, "Everyone please remember that the champion at this Token Homemate Cup will become the last champion of Heisei Era."
JGTO Chairman also reminded everyone that the champion of the 60th The Crowns will become the first champion of the new "Reiwa Era".

"If you look at things this way, the tournament become much more exciting, I know that the players are excited too"
In between "Era" events are making the legendary Aoki even excited.

Yuta replied saying that "I would really want to become the last champion of the Heisei."
Yuta has been literary around the world during spring season, so this will be his first appearance at this opening event in 3 years.

The Shinto priesthoods from the Tado Shrine near the course delivered the sacred ritual dance "Nasori" to wish for the tournament's success. Yuta made a promise to win the tournament as he was appreciating the ritual dance. The exciting season has begun with a big praise.