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Token Homemate Cup 2019

Brendan deeply expresses his appreciation to firm relationship with his caddy

BJ came to Japan in 2000, even at the toughest times, he still enjoyed coming to Japan Tour.
"Great food, and great people. Aussie are tending to be untidy and short tempered."

BJ himself has a bit of short temper himself. After the bogeying the last 2 holes yesterday, he was pretty upset and flew out of the course with anger. But after bathing in Sauna, eating Yakitori with his long-trusted caddy Kojima-san, BJ was feeling okay and said, "I'll do better tomorrow."
This best buddy has been BJ's guardian angel, since 2015.

With today's win, BJ has the Tour Card until 2021.
"I thought that nest season will be my last, but now I'll never know."

Unexpected, but splendid one.
"I have aged, but I still love to compete, so I will give it a try a bit longer."

After his emotional speech at the ceremony, he smiled and waved to his caddy.
"I really thank him. He is my best caddy."

Thanks to their firm relationship, the journey will go on.