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Token Homemate Cup 2019

Akio Sadakata stays in top group, and onto the weekend

Akio Sadakata was on the top of the leaderboard for the first time yesterday on the Round 1 at this tournament.
"I had to scramble for par play today, couldn't get the momentum going like yesterday" Akio recalled his Round 2, continuing "3 birdies but 3 bogeys, I missed some birdie chances and the wind was gusty on back nine".
He stays at 8 under pat total, 2 shot behind the leaders. Akio seemed to be frustrated a little, but he is still in good position for the weekend.

He has lost his Tour Card in 2015, and had to spend rough times last season, but his "brotherly figure" Ryuji Imada always kept in touch with Akio to comfort him.

Both Ryuji and Akio challenged the US Tour at young age, and they have been like brothers and best friends.
"Ryuji knows me very well, so he gives me perfect advices. We get along so well so, I simply like talking to him."

Ryuji Imada became the third Japanese US PGA Tour winner in 2008, but with many injuries, he has lost his PGA Tour Card and has been away from the winner's circle since.

Aiko hesitated to mention about Ryuji's whereabouts, but said, "Private or on tournament, I would really want to play with him again."

Akio has his 40th Birthday coming up on April 24. If Aiko could manage to grab his first win, his best friend Ryuji who still lives in USA, will surely give Akio a big birthday victory celebration party.