Tournament article

Chan Kim may be slimmer now, but still has power to dominate and marks his V3 of the season

Cham Kim won his 3rd victory of the season and became No.1 on the Money Rankings. He started out at 9T, 3 shots behind the leader, but with 5 birdies on his front half, he was in the mix of contention very early. By the time he reached final 560 yards Par 5 18th, it was down to Chan and Naoyuki Kataoka in the same groupings.

Chan made a great tee shot with power and stability.

"I think it was the best shot I made throughout the whole 4 rounds."


While Chan kept the middle of the fairway, Naoyuki's shot went into the left-side trees. Chan shot his 2nd from 215 yards with 5I to 5-meter eagle chance and closed the deal.


Chan Kim was No.1 in Driving Distance for 2016-17, and 2019, but now he is No.2 as Takahiro Hataji took over the top. But Chan doesn't mind at all.

"I am valuing accuracy rather than yardages now."

He said lit very gentleman likely, but he still has 306.14 yards average on his 4 rounds.


Chan enjoyed a great battle with Naoyuki Kataoka.

"Naoyuki is a figher and splendid player. I had to put on a poker face and let him think I had big confidence."


Chan was one of the first international players who took many risks and came back to Japan during this pandemic situations. He re-joined the Japan Tour from SMBC VISA Taiheiyo Masters in 2020 and finished as 4th. Finished 5th at last year's Dunlop Phoenix and won at the 2020's JT Cup. This year he was busy going abroad to Majors from May to July. After his return in August, he won at the Vantelin Tokai Classis in October.

"I am glad that I came back last year."


Chan Kim suffered serious injury in 2017 and couldn't play the season ending tournaments. He also had to stay out of tournaments in 2018. But this season, he has new method to keep him healthy. He is trying partial fasting.

"I only eat between 1 pm to 7 pm. Other than that, I only drink water, coffee and tea."

He started this method during US Open in June. He weighted 112kg in April this year, but now he is 97kg.

"I lost 15kg and I wake up bright and shine in the mornings, and I feel good."

He wore the winner's jacket on slimmer posture, presented by last year's winner Takumi Kanaya.

"This win will give me the boost. I will just keep on doing my best and try to become Order of Merit Champion after fighting hard for the remaining 2 tournaments."