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Encouraging performance by the Starting Announcer at the shortest ever Par 4 10th

Preferably, the stand behind the 10th Tee box should be fully packed with the fans as the top players of the world tee off, but due to safety concerns, PGA TOUR officials have decided that the course will unfortunately be closed to all spectators and ticket holders on Saturday as the well-being of the fans.

Torrential rains among the Kanto area cased much damage to the Chiba Prefecture, and the course, Narashino CC also have received heavy amount of rain and literary flooded some parts of the course. Especially on 10th, most of the fairway was under water, but gradually the ground got dried and was able to find a spot to place the tee box. From changing the teeing area, Par 4 10th for the Round 2 of the ZOZO Championship became only 140 yards, the shortest ever.

Players had to start from awkward teeing area and with no fans around to cheer for them. But super performance by the Starting Announcer lightened up the players motivations. Since there were no fans in the course, Starter didn't have to call out the names as they usually do on the tournaments, but he did as usual, or more drastic than usual to boost up the atmosphere.

Announcer's loud and powerful voice echoed in the silence. Announcer's father is Spanish American, but his mother is Japanese, so he speaks fluently.
"I thought about the motivation of the players. Since there are no fans at the course, I wanted to place more heart into the calling out of the players' names so that it would brighten them up a little. Players and I are all looking forward to seeing the fans tomorrow."

Thanks to the enthusiastic announcement, 16 eagles were made on the shortest Par 4. This number is tied record of "most eagles on Par 4" in Japan men's' golf (record starts from 1985).

"The course will be fully packed again tomorrow, and the excitement will be limitless."