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Panasonic Open Golf Championship 2019

Shugo Imahira had to settle for another "2nd" finish

Shugo Imahira couldn't win again. He chased leader Toshinori Muto aggressively with 4 birdies in a row from 4th hole. But he stumbled with a double bogey on 7th. It was 165 yards Par 3, regularly he would hit it with 9I but he took the wind into consideration and chose 8I but he pulled it to the left.
"That was one mistake I should never have done."

Should have been recovery shot didn't make it, and his 3rd shot couldn't get closer to the cup either. He ended up 2 putting for terrible double bogey.

"Until the 6th hole, I was really on Toshinori's tail, but with that double bogey on 7th gave him enough breathing space, I guess. I did make 3 straight birdies for the last 3 holes, but I was too late."

This is Shugo's 3rd runner-up finish this season and has been in top 10 for 4 tournaments in a row. He shows his stable golf as he did last year, when he won the Order of Merit title, but he really needs a win soon, or his frustration will blow.