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Gate Way To The Open Mizuno Open at The Royal Golf Club 2019

Shugo Imahira on cruise control with the 2-shot lead onto the weekends

Shugo Imahira marked 67 on Day 2, which is a course record since the venue for the Mizuno Open has changed to The Royal Glof Club. He has 2-shot lead and stand as the solo leader onto the weekends. Shugo's physical trainer Kenta Watanabe has been with him for 2 years is astonished to see 2018's Order of Merit Chapmion's never stopping spirit of inquiry and competitiveness.
"I have been with so many professional sports players such as baseball and all, but never have seen a player like Shugo. He is so demanded", says Kenta.

Shugo's season started out with the first Major, The Masters. Shugo always finds a key for his tasks that he must overcome everytime he returns from the Majors.
"If you don't have the length, you can't beat against the field in US."
He once tried to gain 3kg of weight in 1 week. When Shugo is demanded to do so, he can't stop. So, Kenta literary had to stop him and told him to slow down.

This week, on Monday, Shugo tried out for the 36-hole Japan sectional for the US Open and came through with the ticket to Pebble Beach Golf Links for the second time since 2017. Shugo will be attending all 4 Majors this season for the first time. But as for last 5 Majors, he hasn't been able to make the CUT.

Many players challenge the Major tournaments and breakdown in sorrow after the miss the cutline.
"I first felt helpless too, since all of the overseas players are tall and big, with my driving distance, it seemed impossible to beat them. But after challenging the Major for several times, I found out there are players that has about same distance as I do but doing well. So, I figured that it is matter of having to decide clearly with the shots, making the stats on Irons precise, have the top rank short game ready, and I might have a chance. Now I am working up the list of things I must achieve. Then it won't be impossible for me to win the Majors too."

The 3rd Major, US Open is in 2 weeks. A win at this monster course will give him a big boost before his departure. Last 2 days, the tee boxes were set in front positions, but on Day 3 the course will be 8000 yards in total.

"I missed the cut last year, so I wasn't able to play the 8000 yards setting. I would like to enjoy it tomorrow."
For Shugo who has his mind all set on the Majors, this weekend could be a great stage to conquer and gain confidence.