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Casio World Open Golf Tournament 2019

Kyung-Tae Kim broke down in tears after his comeback win counting his Japan Tour 14th

Kyung-Tae Kim was in tears as he accomplished his comeback victory, the win he has been away for 3 years.

He started out 3 shots behind the leader at 3T, made a fabulous round of his season's best 64 to mark total 20 under par to become the club house leader. Great surprising news came to him a while later.

He has been too strong even from his amateur days, played so steady in professional tournaments without even getting nervous. After turning Pro in 2006, he has become Order of Merit Champion twice, and has added up his Japan Tour victories to 13.
"I never have cried this much, even becoming speechless. I am overwhelmed."

He broke down in tears as his fellow colleagues celebrated his victory by water shower.
"I really had rough season this year, so I am so happy."

He did suffer some period of slump during his rookie year in 2006, but his suffering period in this season was long. He couldn't make the cut from July's Japan PGA until Shinhan Donghae Open. "I never missed the cut for 7 consecutive tournaments"

Another factor that made his suffering worse was from stress fracture in late autumn.
"It hurt too much and I couldn't swing, couldn't practice. I didn't have much distance, but it got shorter."
He says, his length was shortened for about 3 clubs' length worth. Even after the injury healed, he had to go through putting yips.
"Everything was falling apart and going wrong way. I was mentally stressed. I couldn't tell anybody even my family about my mental pain."

He thought about taking some time off during the season.
"I thought that continuing to play under these circumstances will do me harm. But there was no way to go. At home I will think about golf anyway. So, I decided that I should not walk away."
He received some help from mental specialist.
"I got lost playing my game, when I got nervous."
After getting mental care treatment and also fighting on his own, he was able to mark his season best 66 at SMBC VISA Taiheiyo Masters 2 weeks ago.
"My best was 4 under until last week, I just can't believe I won this week. I thought I could go home next week, but I am so happy to play another tournament next week."

It is a sudden schedule change, but a happy one. He will be in season finale JT Cup and his Money Rankings also zoomed up to 12th from 41st.