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Casio World Open Golf Tournament 2019

Kyung-Tae Kim who has been away from winning for 3 years captures his 14V at Casio

All eyes were on the Order of Merit race, but former 2 times Order of Merit Champion scooped away the victory at this year's Casio World Open. He has been away from the winner's circle for 3 years but succeeded in making his 14th victory by turning the 3 shots deficit.

He was known as "demon", a nickname he was given as a super amateur. He turned Pro in 2006, has been on Japan Tour since 2008. He became the first ever Korean player to be the Order of Merit Champion in 2010. He repeated that magnificent task in 2015. But he hasn't been able to add another win to his list after the victory at 2016 Mizuno Open.

He received celebration water shower from his colleagues. He eyes were in tears with joy.

Current No.2 on the Money Rankings Shaun Norris finished with total 18 under at solo 2nd, 2 shots behind the leader to collect 20 million yen. On the other hand, current No.1 Shugo Imahira finished with total 7 under at 39T. Now the difference between them is only 18,079,265 yen and the race for Order of Merit will be decided at JT Cup, the season finale.

Current No.3 Chan Kim made a hole-in-one at 14th but finished with total 15 under at 5T. No.4 Jung-Gon Hwang didn't make the cut. No.5 Ryo Ishikawa finished with total 13 under at 10T. No.6 Mikumu Horikawa finished with total 2 under at 58T.

No.3 Chan Kim to No.6 Mikumu Horikawa had the chance to extend the challenge for the Order of Merit title if they won this week, but that is all gone now. Again, as last season, the Order of Merit race will be decided on the season finale JT Cup between the same 2 great players, Shugo Imahira and Shaun Norris.