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Asia Pacific Open Golf Championship Diamond Cup Golf 2019

25 years old Yosuke Asaji makes his wish come true to win on the Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day Sunday, and 25 Yosuke has made his wish come true, and grabbed his first victory on his 8th year as a Pro. The Japan and Asia Tour co-hosted tournament turned out to be very tough competition on the final round and made Yosuke suffer but barely was able to keep his lead.
"It felt like 90% of the spectators were cheering for me and that gave me the power to win."

Only 5 finished in red numbers for this years Diamond Cup, which tells how harsh the course was. He was struggling with the putter yips since 2017 but he says, "somehow my hands moved smoothly today". As he said, he saved so many troubles amazingly with 10 times of 1 putt pars. On 14th, he made 6-meter hood line, and on 16th where he was trapped at the bunker, he managed to save par.
"I used 59 degrees wedge on most of the bunkers and roughs. That wedge saved me."

He was leader by only 1 shot at the final 18th, he faced difficult par saving putt, it was about 2 meters. "My hands weren't just shaking, it was more like having no feelings on my hand." But he was able to drain it and grab his first victory. His wife and mother burst in tears with joy.

Yosuke faced rough years after turning Pro, his fellow players were winning, but he was left behind. He escaped to alcohol, and his life was almost down the drains. When he told his mother that he wants to quit, she said "Go ahead, but a weak person like you won't be able to work anywhere else." These harsh but warm loving words from his mother woke him up.
"It was really tough terrible days. I am glad that I held on."

Yosuke came into this field from winning the Monday Qualifier. He has become the 6th player to do so. One more great prize came along with the win. From this year, the winner of Diamond Cup is given the ticket to The Open. Yosuke has received the chance to go to his first Major.
"I am going to bring my mother to England with me."

He got married last August and his newly wed wife and his Mother followed Yosuke outside of the rope to cheer. His was raised by single mom and wanted to show his appreciation in special way. Yosuke grabbed his first victory and gave his mother the best present that she dreamed of.

"Thank you so much! This was wonderful victory and this win is worth the present of lifetime. Thank you so much!" his mother screamed.

Mother's words really touched Yosuke and it made a memorable Mother's Day.