SMBC Singapore Open 2020

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"Soon to be father" Gunn Charoenkul struggled well to hang in on Day 2 at Singapore Open

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Gunn Charoenkul has made his debut on Japan Tour last season, ended the year without a win but with 10 top 10s, and earned his Tour Card. His 2020 season starter is also well as he managed to stay within the contention with total 6 under par after the windy and tiresome 2nd Round.

Gusty wind made players struggle including Gunn, as he made bogey, double bogey and another bogey from the 6th hole in his back nine.
"I got kind of lost and couldn't get back to basics which lead to bad flow. I didn't determine my targets correctly and just went too aggressive, which lead to those bogies."

Buy Gunn made a birdie finish on 9th to close the day with 1 under 70 and hanged on.
"It was like a roller coaster ride round, but I am happy that I was able to close it with under par. I know I am still in good position going into the weekends, so I am very satisfied with it."

This warm and friendly character is all loved by his fellow JGTO players and fans. Everyone calls him "Gunn-chan". His lovely wife is expecting a baby in February, and "soon to be father" must fight strong.
"This season, I must win at least 1 tournament for the baby. Need to earn the milk money!"

Gunn-chan seems to be in a great position to already accomplish his goal before his baby's birth.