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Juvic Pagunsan steals away the victory with only 11 clubs in his bag

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Juvic Pagunsan from Philippines has finally done it, after a decade on Japan Tour. He was all smiles even before he made his winning putt, as he had comfortable 3 shot lead.
"It has been 10 years, 10 years. It took me 10 years to win. Now I am relieved."

Juvic also received the ticket to The Open, a Major he has been away for 8 years.
"I get to go to UK. I can go again. Could I get my visa? How is the quarantine measures?"

He was overwhelmed and had tears in his eye as he thanked his family. But on the procedures regarding the travel to UK, he was very realistic.

Juvic accomplished to carry his own bag for all 3 rounds and won with only 11 clubs.

Juvic started off with 3 shots lead, but with pressure and fatigue, he made 2 bogeys on 1st and 3rd holes. Soon the filed was catching up to him, and he had only 1 shot margin.
"I told myself I should get back on my feet. I told myself to relax a little that there are 15 more holes to go."

He gained his concentration after the great par save on 4th, then after he made the 1-meter birdie putt, he has got his game back. Then on 11th, he made amazingly lucky chip-in birdie.

This week was his 3 rd time to carry his own bag this year, but this was his first time to play with only 11 clubs.
"I am getting older and last 2 times with 14 clubs were really heavy. I don't like to use the electric carts, since you have to go all the way around the greens."

Juvic took out 3, 4, 6, and 8 Irons and added 19 degrees Utility club. His choice was wise.
"I used it on my 2nd shot at Par 5 6th and it went 254 yards. I was surprised."

On Par 3 16 th, the yardage was 198 yards, and "I didn't have my 6I so I chose 7I and hit it little stronger". Which was perfect and got to 2-meter for birdie.

Also, his decision of having 50, 52, 58 degrees and PW, total of 4 wedges in his bag worked great on the windy course.

On his winning speech he had the list of people he wanted to thank, including the course and host sponsor Mizuno to his own sponsors to the staff at the hotel he is staying this week. And of course, his family.
"Thank you always for supporting me. Please stay safe."

Juvic's face was smiling but his eyes were filled with tears of joy.