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Welcome back Chan Kim

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World's top-class long hitter is back in Japan.
"I love Japan so much, so I am very glad that I was able to come back here", says 2019 season's 4th Money Ranker Chan Kim.

"Mt. Fuji is beautiful as ever, regardless of COVID-19 pandemic."
Chan Kim enjoyed his practice round on Wednesday with Gunn Charoenkul observing the great Mt. Fuji scenery from the course. This will be his first round in 2 weeks, as he was under the restraint period. After the ZOZO Championship he flew to Japan and stayed at the hotel near Narita Airport for 2 weeks.
"I only went to convenience stores and McDonalds and stayed inside my hotel room."

"I thought I could at least practice my putting in my room, but the room was too small."
For 188cm tall built Chan, the regular business hotel room was too small, there was no chance to practice his swing.

"So, my practice round today was terrible. My yardages declined too."
But Chan still drove his 1W over 300 yards every chance he had. Last season, he has won the Driving Distance Award 3 years in a row, marking the average of 315.83 yards.
"I think I will be alright."

Restrictions on re-entry permits were eased at the end of September.
"I applied for Visa right away, and after ZOZO, I went to the Embassy and was able to receive the Visa on Friday. It was very smooth. I am grateful that JGTO and Player's Committee worked so hard to make this re-entry permits possible."

Chan Kim was able to come to Japan, but many of the International players are still abroad.
"Many of the Korean players are playing in Korean Tour now. If they come to Japan, they have 2 weeks of restraint period, so it would be hard to go back and forth to play on both tours. I chose to come to Japan regardless of the restraint period, but it is hard discission to make for many players."

Winner of this VISA Taiheyo Masters will be granted with an invitation to Sony Open in Hawaii 2021.
"Of course, my goal this week is to win. I want to finish at least in Top 3 and get my ticket to JT. Also, I am looking forward to having delicious Japanese food that I really longed for."