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Defending Champion former Amateur Takumi Kanaya challenges for the 2V in a row

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At 2019 Taiheiyo Masters, Takumi Kanaya has won the professional tournament as an Amateur, the 4th ever player to do so. Takumi has turned Pro last month and is eager to defend hi title as a professional this year. He is one of the player who had to sit tight for 2 weeks of restraint period after coming back from ZOZO Championship in US.

His restraint period ended on Tuesday and he came into Gotemba on 11th, just a day before the 1st Round. Takumi was able to play his practice round and referred as "I was reminding myself of the rounds from last year, the good short games and putts. But the course is still very difficult to conquer."

Takumi couldn't go back to his University during the restraint period, so he stayed at a hotel.
"There was not much I could do inside of a hotel room, only putting practice and muscle training & conditioning using some tools."

Takumi has experienced his second restraint period following the one he had after the September's US Open.
"Restraint period totals to a full month. I guess it will be a memorable experience for me when I refrain in the future."

No professional player has defended his title which he has won as an Amateur. If Takumi manages to do so, it will go down on golf history.

His debut tournament as a Pro resulted as 7th at Japan Open. He was able to check his bank account during his stay in US and saw his first professional earnings of 6,615,000 yen.
"I checked online and felt really happy to see the earnings that I gained. It was like wow! But I haven't had the time to spend any. I don't know what I should but yet."