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Gift of Luck helps Yuwa Kosaihira to earn his spot as 1 of 3 co-leaders after R2 at Taiheiyo Masters

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Yuwa Kosaihara was saved by a miraculous luck on his final hole. On Par 5 18th, his second shot with 7I was from the deep roughs. He wanted to power play it, but instead he shanked it big, then made a loud metal noise and vanished.

"I couldn't believe what happened, the ball was gone. No matter where we all searched, it was gone, vanished."

Over 10 staffs helped out to look for the ball, but his time was almost up.
"Yuwa Kosaihira, you have only 1 more minute left."

"I ran around everywhere I could think of, but then I had to make up my mind to call it a lost and re-hit the second shot. That moment, I was saved by a voice from above, literary above. The ball was up on the 20-meters high broadcasting tower. TV crew through it down for me and, I was saved."

"I was really lucky. If it hadn't hit the broadcasting tower, it would had ended up in the water hazard."
He was able to make a drop without any penalty, and got it on the green from 120 yards, and made 2 putts for Par.

"I was applauded at the green, but I was ashamed to do such a thing. Well, it is very like me to do something stupid like this."

He has been sponsored by the Taiheito Club, the host of the venue. Yuwa is now on US Korn Ferry Tour and has been flying back and forth playing 18 tournaments in all. He came back last month and had the privilege of practicing here at Taiheiyo Gotemba for the full week, last week.

With his warm supports from the course and with this big miraculous luck, he must make it worth it by doing much better on the weekends and keep his position on the Top of the leader board until the very end.