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Takumi Kanaya joins Shingo Katayama's YouTube channel as an honorary guest

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Shingo Katayama, who is the winner of this Taiheiyo Masters twice in 2008 and 2015, has 31 tour victories and life-time seed was very polite asking "half of his age" Takumi Kanaya to join on Shingo's YouTube.

"Thank you so much for joining my channel" vowed Shingo to Takumi, who was in the same groupings on Round 3 along with Katsumasa Miyamoto.

Takumi said he should stand on the side, but Shingo and Katsumasa insisted that Takumi should be in the center, since he is the "star player".

The photo shoot was in laughter as Shingo again asked so politely to Takumi if it is okay to upload this picture onto his Instagram as well.

"Takumi is my favorite type of a player. It may not show much, but he is playing incredible golf. He is constantly thinking how he could become better and puts lot of effort in practicing that. He really has good spirit. I can see that in his eyes."

Shingo himself says he had hard time fighting among the big and tall players, but he did overcome his handicap by practicing and learning much more than others.
"I don't have talent like others, so I had to gather bits and pieces and had to work hard. I am very happy to see such a young talent like Takumi do so well in the professional field. I want him to be winning amongst the world's top class soon."

Kastumasa Miyamoto who is college mate with Shingo in Nippon University and has been rivals since junior days, surprisingly ended up in same group as Shingo for first 3 days. They had been going back in time and had a blast talking about it.
"I have known Kastumasa since junior high, that's 35 years. I am so glad that we could still play together on such a prestigious tournament. I don't know how long we could continue, really. How many more years? I am really grateful. Old guys like us are having tough time here. There are 20 somethings on the Tour, half of my age. I am amazed of myself having to survive in it."

Shingo scored in 60s for all 3 Rounds, finished his R3 with 2 straight birdies and now sits at solo 5th, 2 shots behind the leaders.