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Keita Nakajima finishes as solo 3rd 2 shots shy for the Amateur Victory

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Kieta Nakajima was aiming, and many was also expecting him to become the 5th amateur to win the professional tournament, following the magnificent victory done my Takumi Kanaya last year.
"So many people were cheering for me so, I am ashamed that I couldn't make it happen."

He woke up too early at 4am on the Final Round morning, as he was 1 shot behind at 3T in final group.
"I was so nervous. I didn't know if I could play will mt normal state of mind. I tried to go back to bed but I just couldn't sleep, so I started to watch The Masters on TV but then I still got nervous. So, I decided to take a bath and head out early to the course to practice. That was correct answer. As I practiced, I became pretty calm."

Players were going up and down on the leader board constantly on Sunday, but Keita managed to stay in the contention.
"When I was in 3-way tie as leaders at 15th, I was afraid that I would get nervous, but I didn't."

Wataru Ishikawa, Ryo Ishikawas younger brother and Keita's college senior caddied form and supported him both mentally and with the course management.
"Thanks to Wataru, I was able to joke around and relax on the course. Before we started Ryo told me to have good luck. I cannot thank Ishikawa brothers enough for their supports."

Keita made 19 birdies, which is the most among all of the players this week.
"I am happy with the birdies, but still I made bogies and careless mistakes too. I could not bear with windy conditions. I knew how I should do the course management, but I couldn't play it out as I planned."

Last year, Keita saw Takumi Kanaya win as an amateur on this tournament and made him feel that he could accomplish it too. But he had to settle for Best Amateur.

Next week Keita will be challenging the Dunlop Phoenix.
"I must prepare 100%. I will prepare well on my practice rounds and try to be in contention again."