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Welcome back Young-Han Song! Welcome back International players!

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  • from left:Todd Baek,David Oh,Dong-Kyu Jang and Young-Han Song

Young-Han Song is back! He has been away since the end of 2018 season due to the 2-year term military service in his home country Korea. His term ended last August, but with the COVID-19 pandemic making impossible to have any chance to play at the tournaments, all he could do was to prepare to have his game ready.

"During my 2-year term at the military, I had only few chances to play golf at the time-off every 6 months. So, I had really rare chance to even grab a club during those 2 years. I really worked hard to get my game back and be ready."

Young-Han was able to make it to the season opening tournament, but he had to go through another hurdle by spending 2 weeks of quarantine restriction period, literary canned in a hotel room.
"I have arrived at a hotel on March 28th and all of my meals were delivery menus. I haven't stepped one foot out of my room. All I could have done was little work outs, so I ate and slept and ate and slept. I think I've gained weight."

Young-Han was set free on April 12th, right after splendid news marked by Hideki Matsuyama at the Masters. Young-Han joined with David Oh, Dong-Kyu Jang, and Todd Baek for a practice round.

"It has been quite a while since I last played on a tournament course, so my game is not like it used to be and I have many worries. But I must adjust from now on and get back into the game. I will take step by step", Young-Han answered in fluent Japanese to the media.

He went through tough training at the Korean Army.
"It was tough, but I don't think I have changed much. I am same as Ryo, turning 30 years old soon, so I must take care of my health and still push myself hard. Oh, by the way, I am still single."

Young-Han's friendly smile was as same as before.

Last season due to the pandemic situation, many International players were not able to join the Tour, but 19 International players are back in the filed including Young-Han and 2019 No.2 Money Ranker Shaun Norris. Few more players will join from next week's Kansai Open as well. So gradually the Japan Tour will be back to the full field.