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Ryo is ready for the restart of 20-21 season with very macho fit

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  • Ryo and Young-Han Song getting back with all smiles
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  • Ryo's little sister will caddy this week

Media was surprised to see Ryo Ishikawa's new look. Ryo's pumped-up biceps and trapezius muscles made his shirt look tiny.
"I haven't done much" said Ryo, was it was way too obvious that he had really good off-season training.

"It's not much that I did, but off-season is a great opportunity to build your body, mainly to avoid getting injuries."

Ryo did go abroad in January and March, but rest of the days, it was plenty of time to build up. Ryo has been working on his swing changes since March last year along with his coach Tanaka, and replied, "it's like I am swinging differently every day. And it is very interesting that golf has so many variety of methods and logics. I think this is the uniqueness to golf, but that is what makes golf so interesting. My goal is to keep the faith in the path that I chose and commit to it."

Ryo was also very overwhelmed with joy about his same age buddy Hideki Matsuyama's great victory at The Masters. Ryo has written on his graduation textbook that, "I want to win at The Masters at 20 years old." Ryo's passion towards The Masters is huge. Ryo praised Hideki by saying, "It is not like if Hideki could do it I could".

Ryo also added, "Every player has different strong points and weak points. There are things you could accomplish and cannot. You must come up with other tactics to overcome the things you cannot do, be logic and stay clear minded to make the scores, that is the golf management and that is the most fun part about golf. I wish I could join Hideki someday."

Ryo has sent his congratulation message to Hideki, but he also gathered the players in this week's field to send the celebrating movie message together.

Ryo asked Young-Han Song to join him for the practice round on Wednesday. Ryo was so happy to see his good buddy who was away for 2 years on military service in Korea. Ryo will also be busy as co-Chairman for the Players Committee and Fan Project Leader, aiming to enhance the service for the golf fans.

As for his golf, his little sister will be caddying for him this week. His younger brother Wataru will also be in the field as a sponsor invitee amateur since his last appearance back in 2014 Casio World Open.
"I thought it could be fun having all of my siblings with me this week."

Although this week will be non-spectator tournament, but Ryo's family will be sure to make some excitement for the fans.