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"Congrats to Hideki" voices echoed at 20-21 season restarting tournament

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Players were all overwhelmed with joy celebrating Hideki Matsuyama's magnificent history making victory at The Masters.

Shingo Katayama who finished at 4 th, highest finish until Hideki in 2009
"Hideki gave great excitement and joy to Japan. My eyes were in tears. I could not believe I would live to see this epic making victory. I am lost with words. Can't express with juts saying it is remarkable, it is more than that. I am so grateful that Hideki has broken the huge wall and open the historic doors. It was unfortunate that there was only 1 Japanese player in The Masters filed this year. I hope to see more and more young and talented player to challenge overseas. I wish Hideki's Masters victory will make a big influence on the young players."

Hiroyuki Fujita who has made 2-time appearance at Augusta National (2011 and 2013)
"Who could sleep? I saw the whole thing live. Hideki's accomplishment is over my imagination. There are no greater words to describe the magnificent accomplish he has made. Hideki looked great with the Green Jacket. I bet there were many chances for him before, but this was the right timing for him to really make it happen. He has gained recognition by the world top-rank players as one of them, that is really great."

Toru Taniguchi who has made 3-time appearance at Augusta National (2002, 2003 and 2008)
"The tough green condition on the greens made this year's The Masters unbeatable as big names couldn't make the cutline. Hideki was having hard time getting his game back, but he was able to get it back just in time. He has climbed up to another higher level."

Shugo Imahira who has made 2-time appearance in Augusta National (2018 and 2019)
"It is every golfers dream to win at The Masters. It is great that Hideki was the first Japanese player to do so. His iron shots' accuracy is above amongst the world's top players. I am too way behind."

Hideki's college junior Takumi Kanaya who made appearance at Augusta National in 2019
"I have been admiring Hideki for so long, but it was the first time for me to cry watching a tournament on TV. During the last few holes were nerve wrecking but I believed that Hideki would come through and he did. I am just so happy and overwhelmed with joy. I just want to thank him for giving us this joy. He was so kind to return my message. My respect for Hideki is over the limit."