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Mikiya Akutsu with his mentor Shingo Katayama's full support finishes at 2T after day 1 at Token

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Mikiya Akutsu, aka Mickey is fighting hard through his 3rd year as a Pro. He finished at 9 th on the Money Rankings on sub-Tour Abema Tour and has earned his entry to the Regular Tour for the front half of the season.

He was in the same groupings with Shintaro Kobayashi and Tomohiro Ishizaka, all played well and these 3 made 18 birdies in total. Mikiya made the fewest of 5 birdies but he was bogey free and all 3 of them finished at 5 under, 2T.

"I was unique coincidence that all 3 of us finished at same score. This year I am really focusing on winning a tournament, so tomorrow I want to finish at least 1 shot leading the other two."

Mikiya has been working at Rokko International GC for 5 years and now he has become their Head Professional.
"I am being told that I do not have to do staff work and concentrate on my golf, but I still help out taking guests caddy bag out of their cars. But guests tell me not to forget about club chores but make good result on the tournaments. This week when I was leaving the club, I pledged that I would win. Then the guests told me not to put too much pressure on myself."

During his off season he has worked along with his admiring college senior, Shingo Katayama at training camp in Miyazaki.
"That was dream come true. I was 5 days training camp and Shingo offered to teach us his top-class short game. How to adjust to the seasonally changing grass and so forth. More than satisfying days flew by so quickly. But wonderful accident happen as my flight was cancelled and Shingo offered me to come to his vacation home. I was able to spend private time with a hero from my junior days. I offered to help out on the house chores such as washing dishes and folding his laundry. I really treasure that day. We started early today and in good condition without wind. If I could really win this week, I owe it all to Shingo."