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5 years mark from Kumamoto Earthquake: Atomu Shigenaga prays and promises

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5 years from now on April 14th and 16th, major class earthquake hit and caused devastating disaster to Kumamoto Prefecture. Atomu Shigenaga, who is from Kumamoto has managed to make 4 birdies and 2 bogeys to finish with 69, made to total 4 under to safely move on to the weekends.

It was raining since early in the morning and made the tough course even harder. Atomu started out from 10th struggling all the way through his front nine.
"My shots were not consistent and my G.I.R. was only 3 holes."

But after the turn on 1st, he made 2.5-meter par saving putt to hang on. He did make bogey on 3rd, but made 3 birdies on his back nine to move up the leader board.
"To be honest, until I arrived here, I didn't want to come. Due to the pandemic, there were only 6 games last season and after 3 months of off season, I have been away from tournament golf so long. I am worried about COVID-19 infection and also, I have slight injuries all over my body. I felt like quitting golf. I think it was all mental. But when I got here all of my worries flew away as I have returned to the place that I won back in 2018. My confidence was back, telling myself not to brag and fight hard for those people who are supporting me and for my hometown Kumamoto."

Atomu got his mind set, and his game followed. Atomu says, "Kumamoto earthquake memories flashes back when I come here. I know it will fade away for others as time goes by, but we the people of Kumamoto will not and should not forget."

5 years ago, when that major earthquake hit Kumomoto, the night before this tournament started, Atomu was worried sick about his family and friends back home. He felt like crying as he played. This year, Kumamoto's icon, Kumamoto Castle's tower was restored. Atomu has been up on the tower with his wife 2 years prior to the quake.
"I was so excited climbing up there with my wife, so after the quake when I saw how it destroyed the castle my heart is broken, and I felt I should have visited there more often. I am looking forward to bringing my kids there some day."
Atomu has worked along with other players from Kumamoto to do some charity events to help rebuilt his hometown.
"We want to do more of those charities, but due to this pandemic circumstances, we haven't decided when. So, my best effort will be to play well and give something to cheer for my hometown."