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Ryuichi Oiwa in a great position for his V at 3 shot deficit from the leader facing final 18 holes

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23 years old Ryuichi Oiwa waits for the Final Round to resume at 3 shots behind the leader at 4T. Ryuichi is 182cm and 89kg, well-built and big.

Ryuichi scored 63 on Day 2, bogey free with 8 birdies. This is his Tour best score and he jumped up from 1 over par to total 7 under, 3 shots behind Takumi Kanaya.

Rikuya Hoshini, who is 1 year elder senior from same Nippon University said, "I am not surprised at all that Ryuichi could score so well. His shots have more distance than me and is so steady and straight. He also has great shot game, so there are no blind spots in his game. When he gets on momentum, he can get on the birdie spree. So, I bet he was on the roll today."

Ryuichi started to play golf at age of 8, with his father's influence.
"To be honest, I liked soccer better, but it was already decided for me."

He turned Pro in 2018 at age of 20. He did not qualify on his first try for the QT, but he managed to win on cub-tour in Asia to make his name recognized. Then he became a runner-up on Abema Tour's "Taiheiyo Club Challenge" losing on playoff. This got him to 20th on the cub Tour Money Rankings which allowed him to appear on 20-21 Regular Tour.

"I have no experience on the Regular Tour, so I don't know how I should prepare for the Final Round. I don't know what kind of mentality I should be. But I know Takumi from the junior days, and I admire him so much although I am a year elder. I am so happy to be at 3 shot deficit from Takumi."

On the sudden day off on Saturday, Ryuichi went to a practice range close to his hotel and practiced.
"I didn't practice my 1W and concentrated mainly on my wedges. I practiced for about 90 minutes and I will stay at my hotel room and relax."

On the night of the Day 1, Ryuichi went to a hamburger restaurant which is known to be Takumi's favorite and his winning jinx menu. Ryuichi eventually bumped into Takumi. Ryuichi also chose the same cheese hamburger as Takumi by coincidence.