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Ryuichi Oiwa marked his best finish with 4T on his 5th Tournament as a Pro

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23 years old Ryuichi Oiwa has made his best finish on his 5th challenge as a Pro.
"It was blowing unbelievably from early in the morning, so I had to suffer and start off with making 2 straight bogeys on 2nd and 3rd."

"I knew with my level, I won't be able to handle this heavy wind to gain any birdie chances, so I just told myself to be patient and just avoid making mistakes. Figuratively speaking, I was fighting with my life. I am glad that I was in contestant even in tough conditions. I know this experience will give me confidence for my future."

Winner was his rival from the junior days, 1-year younger Takumi Kanaya, who has already marked his 3rd victory as a Pro.

"I really admire him for being able to play steady under these circumstances. I just want to give him a big applause. For me every tournament will be my first appearance this season, so don't even intend to say that I want to catch up with Takumi. Now, I want to concentrate on each and tournament and try to finish up on the leaderboard as possible."