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Super star Rookie Takumi Kanaya accomplishing his goals as he marks his V2 of the 20-21 season

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Takumi Kanaya has marked his V2 for 20-21 long-term season. Round 3 being cancelled, the tournament was cut short to 54-holes and the prize money was reduced to 75%, but with 19,500,000 yen Takumi jumped up as No.1 on Money Rankings.

Takumi led into the final Sunday with 1 shot lead. He arrived at the course 2 hours prior until his tee time and went to the club house restaurant. While he waited for his meal to be served, he took out the memo of the course and read through it thoroughly.

"Yesterday, I was making my game plan. I heard that there will be gusty wind and it will be opposite angle from the Round 2, so I knew that the course will look totally different. So, I stared at my yardage book and thought my plan over and over since I didn't want to regret not preparing enough."

Takumi got hint from the tournament back in 2016 where he made appearance as an amateur.
"That time we had very nasty wind, that experience worked out well today."

Takumi made the turn having 3 shot lead against the field, but he suffered making 2 straight bogeys on 10th and 11th which allowed amateur Keita Nakajima to get in 1 shot range.
"I had tough moments, but I was able to struggle my way out."

But Ryunosuke Kinoshita and Keita Nakajima in the same final group, both got caught in the water hazard on 17th.
"There was sudden change in wind directions. Both made a good shot, but wind jammed their shot and got caught in the water. If I were to hit first, my ball could have ended in the water."

Takumi took this advantage into his favor and made 1.5-meter birdie putt to give him larger breathing space and eventually grab his 2nd victory for 20-21 season.

Last weekend, Takumi cried with joy watching his college senior and his hero Hideki Matsuyama win The Masters.
"I was really overwhelmed. And I got more motivated, I must work harder to be better. I called Hideki on Friday night to congratulate. Hideki replied, lets be elected for the Olympics together. I really want to make that happen."

He must work his way up by June to replace Shugo Imahira in 2nd position. Takumi also has a good chance for the Order of Merit title, if he does it on the rookie year, that will be the second rookie to do so following Hideki. Also being on top 50 on the World Ranking is possible.
"Of course, I want all of them to come true, so I will try to win as many tournaments as I can."