Big applause at the ceremony made Tiger promise to come back again in 2020

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Inaugural PGA Tour event in Japan made history. Due to heavy torrential rains, the Day 2 was washed out and Day 3 locked out the fans for safety reason, but as for the game itself, Tiger has made wire-to-wire win. Tiger has placed a historical value to this ZOZO Championship by tying Sam Snead's record of 82 victories, the all-time most PGA Tour.

It was unfortunate that the game was pushed out to Monday finish and new ticket sales were unavailable. Only 2563 fans who had the full-4 days tickets were allowed into the course to see Tiger making history in front of them.

Yusaku Maezawa, the founder of main sponsor ZOZO and also the Honorary Chairman of this tournament, who was the key person to make this PGA Tour in Japan come true, apologized to the public for having to make the tournament to carry out in irregular ways, due to the weather conditions.

Mr. Maezawa himself is from local Chiba Prefecture which had to suffer many damages from this Typhoon related rain disaster.
"We were already having so many damages from the last Typhoon and this week we were haunted again with the heavy rain. I know that there are so many victims who are struggling to make the living back to normal again. I hope that performances by these wonderful players will give power and hope to the golfers all over Japan. This tournament started out with so many troubles, but at the end Tiger made it a great finale. Also, Hideki Matsuyama battling so hard. It was so dramatic as if it was written script. Unfortunately, bad weather got in the way and so many fans couldn't come to the course. So, I hope Tiger would come back again next year."

After making a big smile to Tiger, he went on saying, "Why don't we do Tiger Call once more again?"

Loud voices calling "Tiger" echoed around the 18th green. Tiger seemed to be a bit embarrassed but answered by raising his hand and said, "I would look forward to coming back here again next year". Tiger was overwhelmed by the Mr. Maezawa's love for golf and promised to answer the love call from the enthusiastic Japanese fans.