Japan PGA Championship 2019

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Just turned 50 years old Hiroyuki Fujita becomes 3-way co-leader along with Ryo

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Hiroyuki Fujita, who just turned 50 years old 2 weeks ago was among the co-leader with Ryo and

Hiroyuki used to play at the Casio World Open which was held at this Ibusuki Golf Club, but even to him, that was 15 years ago.
"My memory is not so well I guess, because I couldn't recall some of the holes."

But with or without of those memories, he did great, made 3 straight birdies from 12th and on. All of those birdies were about 1-meter putt.
"I tend to miss it even its 1-meter, but today it all went well."

Hiroyuki is known for keeping a stable game, but he is now 50 years old, and his caddy is even a year older. So, they decided to use yellow balls from this season.
"Both of us loses track of the ball in the air, so we chose yellow ball. I also added Yoga to my training for my back ache. When you are 50, too much motivation turns out awkward, so I try to keep it calm."

Hiroyuki is also known as practice to be "practicaholic". He is always the last one to leave the practice range.
The toughest task that awaits him this week is the 36-hole on Sunday.
"This is like asking the old car to speed up more. But even an old car could show a great drive sometimes, so you'd never know."

Hiroyuki ended at tied to 5th at The Crowns this season, still competitive on the regular tour.
"I want to keep my Tour Seed as long as I could, and I also haven't given up on winning either."