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Is it Karma? Ryo and Jung-Gon has an interesting rivalry relationship

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Ryo Ishikawa born in September 1991 and Jung-Gon Hwank born in May 1992, so at this moment they are both same 27 years old, and these two bumps into each other quite often.

"I don't know why but Jung-Gon and I get into the winning battle very often" said Ryo. As Ryo stated, Ryo and Jung-Gon, along with Satoshi Kodaira was in 3-way playoff at the season finale JT Cup, which both lost to Satoshi Kodaira.

Another time at 2015 Casio World Open, where Ryo was looking to make the host Pro victory, Ryo and Jung-Gon fought off in the final group on the Final Round and Jung-Gon took away the trophy.

"I have done a head to head battle with Jung-Gon and lost against him many times, so I told myself that I am the challenger today" Said Ryo.

Due to the weather reasons, this year's Japan PGA Championship schedule was very irregular. The tournament started 1 day later on Friday, and on Sunday players had to go for 36 holes. On the first 18 holes on Sunday, Ryo plunged with the 2 double bogeys in a row and ay one time his deficit was 7 strokes against the leader. But with irregular schedule, there was no re-paring done for the last 18 holes, so Ryo and Jung-Gon was in the final group again.

Ryo started out the final 18 holes at tied to 6th with 4 shot deficits. The "karma" was key to today's drama again. With the birdie on 15th, Jung-Gon almost had his fingers on the trophy, but upsetting accident happened on 17th, where his tee shot rolled off the green into water, he had double bogey and it was all even with Ryo.

"I was concentrating in the battle for win, I didn't feel tired, but I couldn't really decide the read on my putt, whether it would break right to left or hit it straight. I missed it and we ended up in playoff" recalled Jung-Gon.

The eagle putt that Jung-Gon had on his playoff hole was very long, he shot strong enough and got it really close but couldn't drop it. Then, Ryo made a marvelous eagle putt to win. Jung-Gon stood there quietly and listened to Ryo roar and fans scream in joy.
"I almost had it" Jung-Gon held his feeling and shook Ryo's hand with a smile.
"I want to win next time."
Very polite and gentlemanly looser, Jung-Gon promises to get his glory too by making his 4th victory on the Japan Tour very soon.