Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup 2019

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All eyes on star gathered group with Ryo Rikuya and Tomoharu

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Ryo Ishikawa is making his come back to the tour this week at Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup Shishido Hills after few weeks off due to his injury. Other 2 that will be in this focused group wil be up rising stars, Tomoharu Otsuki and Rikuya Hoshino.

2 weeks ago, at Kansai Open, Tomoharu and Rikuya went head to head at the playoffs for this tournament and 6 years older Tomoharu has won the battle. It became his first ever victory in his 10 years as a Pro.

Then on last week at Mizuno Open, the nicknamed "monster course" The Royal Golf Club was at Tomoharu's hometown, just 30 minutes car drive.
"It was a tournament right after that first win and I was grouped with my forever rival Satoshi Kodaira. To much expectation for 2V in a row and with Satoshi, and over 8000 yards got me mentally and physically exhausted" Tomoharu recalled.

This week, Shishido Hills is also in same hometown area, but it is 90 minutes ride away so Tomoharu says, "I feel a bit relieved, but again I am in the tough grouping with Ryo and Rikuya."

After 1 most waited victory, all the focus is gathered upon Tomoharu, and he is delighted and honored. But even with so many praises, he says his game plan is always the same.
"First make the cutline and finish at least in top 30's. This is my task I made for myself and I will try to keep it no matter what."

On the other hand, Rikuya Hoshino lives just 10 minutes from the Shishido Hills.
"I lost against Tomoharu at Kansai Open, but that experience gave me a lot. I am on a good momentum, so I want to get going and finish at the top."

Finally, Ryo Ishikawa who will be making his come back from the injury absents which lasted for a month, he is happy to be in the same group with the 2 rising stars.
"Both were raised in this area and I also know this course very well since junior days. I would like them to bring me up along with their momentums."