Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup 2019

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First ever on Japan Tour! Camera spot is set inside the tournament course as Shishido's 17 Hole

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Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup Shishido Hills is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year and JGTO has came up with first ever special fan service. This week at Shishido Hills 17th Hole, there will be a "free to shot" photo area provided. This was announced by Tour Director Kazuya Nakajima on June 5th.

3 years ago, then the Player's Chairman Yusaku Miyazato suggested to set a photo service spot for the fans at practice ranges and near the club house. But this time it will be inside the tournament course. In US PGA Tour, it is now a regular thing to take photos and movies of the players during the game. But in Japan it is against the law to make the smart phones and tablets to silent mode while taking photos.

Camera's shutter sound is hazardous to the players and it has been forbidden to take photos in the playing areas. But sometimes bad-mannered fans interrupt the player with the shutter sound and becomes a pretty serious problem. So, Nakajima had to figure out the best spot for the camera area both for the fans and players.

The camera spot will be on the tough 481 yards Par 4 17 hole. The hole has a pond opening its mouth right in front of the green. The camera spot will be where the fairway becomes really narrow and will be around 150 yards from players 2nd shot area and 80 yards away from the green. This will prevent the shutter sound disturbance for the players and enables fans to take photos during the play as well.

Also, the players will walk just by this camera spot, so the fans could ask the players to look their way and wave. This time it is limited to only 1 hole, but players are all welcome to let the fans take pictures while they play. If this week's try works out okay, there will be a possibility for making more camera spots in the future tournaments. Players who wants to give back more to the fans and JGTO hopes that this first ever experiment will work out fine. They all wish that this camera spot service will be a great souvenir for the 20th Anniversary Tournament.