Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup 2019

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Suspended from bad weather Ryo Ishikawa has 8 more holes left over for tomorrow

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Back in action from long leave due to the back injury, Ryo Ishikawa is on the bubble for the cutline and eager to climb up that line tomorrow. Day 2 was interrupted by bad weather and the play was suspended due to lightening. Which delayed Ryo's scheduled tee time of 13:50 for more than 2 and half hours.

Lightening warning went away but the pouring rain didn't stop. Ryo had to get back to the club house after he has shot his tee shot at the 11th, due to heavy fog and left himself 8 more holes for tomorrow.

On Day 1 with the dried condition he was able to the hard fairway to gain more distance, but with the wet and soft condition, that plan wouldn't work today. So, he had to chose to use his Driver for the tee shots, and that lead to a trouble at 6th hole. He pushed his tee shot way down to the left side cliffs. "I was just 1 meter inside of the OB line. I am so glad that it was safe."

"I was 10 yards behind of Rikuya today, but I was able to swing it well and got satisfying distance when I had the chance according to how the ball sat."
Ryo was happy to see himself make the swing not much different from the big swinger Rikuya.

Tomorrow, Ryo will restart at 6:30 to finish his 8 left over holes and challenges to make the cutline.
"If I get upset over the scores too much and make changes on my swings, it will later affect all of the remaining tournaments. So I am not going to do changes just to overcome tomorrow. I will stick with the plan I made and continue what I have been practicing."

Ryo's serious battle against himself and the tournament course will resume very early tomorrow.