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Ryuko Tokimatsu aka "Gen-chan" promises to give back to his "boss" with a victory

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Ryuko Tokimatsu aka "Gen-chan" scored 66 on Wattsu Course on Round 1 at ANA Open. He had the bogey free round and joined other 3 at the top of the leader board.

His first half was 1 under play, but after his turn, he made 3 straight birdies from 1st hole. Then on the 6th, he made a chip in from 20 yards over the green and finished the final 9th hole with 2 putts for birdie.

2 years ago, at ANA Open, he lost to Yuta Ikeda in the playoff.
"Yuta is a great player and I couldn't beat him then. But that playoff game me the chance to get acquainted with Yuta. I am getting the chance to play practice rounds with him now. I had practice round with him this week too. He is very kind and cares for me a lot."

"Gen-chan" calls Yuta Ikeda "Taisho (Big Boss)" to show his admiration. That "Taisho" gave "Gen-chan" a big surprise last week. Last Saturday, September 7th was "Gen-chan's" 26th birthday.
"It was my birthday, but I had no plans and my score for that round was terrible, so it was not such an up-mode day for me."
But "Taisho" greeted "Gen-chan" with a surprise birthday cake after the round.

That week, Yuta injured his right leg just before the tournament started and WD from the game, but he stayed at the site until Saturday just to do this surprise.

"I was overwhelmed to hear that Yuta stayed just for my birthday. I was really happy, and I can't appreciate enough. I don't know what I can give back on his birthday at December 22nd. I can't ask him directly so I must figure out something really special."

"Gen-chan" admiring Yuta so much and want to live up to Yuta's expectations. This motivation is giving great power which resulted to 6 under play today. "Gen-chan" also received sponsorship from Hokkaido oriented major beer company "Sapporo Beer". He has the logo on his caddy bag. He has many people to thank and wants to give back by winning this week.