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Ryuji Masaoka has the chance for his first V by conquering Wattsu with the help from his super caddy

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The name on the leader board changed rapidly on moving Saturday, and one who jumped onto tie for 3rd was 36 years old Ryuji Masaoka. He has marked his best score 64 on Saturday and got himself in a good position for his most wanted first ever victory.

"I am surprised to see the great score myself."

Ryuji's debut on Wattsu Course was in 2007 and has made 5 appearences since then. His best finish here so far was 25th in 2016 and he only made the cutline twice.
"I get beaten by Wattsu all the time. I always miss making the cutline here. Greens are too tough, I can't read the line at all."

But this year a great support was given to Ryuji, 12 years veteran house caddy, Izumi Wago who caddied for Yuta Ikeda 2 years ago as he won the tournament.

Yuta is 2 years younger than Ryuji, but he gave advice to ask Izumi Wago to do the caddy for Ryuji this year.

Ryuji had to be at the Japan Open qualifier on Monday and Tuesday this week, so he met Izumi Wago on the Pro-Am day for the first time.
"She read the lines perfectly. If I can hit the ball as she tells me, it all goes in."
This comment was proven on Par 5 17th today, where he made the 20-meter eagle putt.
Caddy Izumi Wago told Ryuji, "It's an uphill at first then goes downhill, it breaks left to right but breaks to left at the end."

Another miracle almost happened on 12th, where Ryuji tried for eagle from 25 yards. He shot the caddy told him and it almost got in.
Ryuji's total putt on his back nine was 10. His total for the round was 23 putts and is his best record.
This caddy also supported Ryuji mentally.
"It's not only my reading, it's the Pro's ability to putt so well. He just needs to be calm and do his regular play."
Her support is giving Ryuji the greatest chance ever to conquer the Wattsu Course that has beaten him for many years. He also was scared of moving Saturdays, since he always failed to play well from getting too nervous.
"I really want to make my first victory happen. I will try my best and concentrate on my play tomorrow to make my dream come true."
If Ryuji makes it, it will be 2 in a row for the talented caddy Izumi Wada too.