ANA Open 2019

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Terumichi Kakazu loses his first ever playoff but gets his career best tied for 2nd

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Terumichi Kakazu made 4 straight birdies from 15 to get into the first ever 5-way playoff, and his first ever play off as well.
"I never been in the playoff and this time it was 1/5 chance. Only 1 player could be a champion."

He was nervous but chose to go aggressive. He pushed his tee shot into the left side trees but chose to go around the trees from risky left side of the tree trunk that was right in front of him.

While Terumich was suffering in the trees, Shaun Norris and Yosuke Asaji got it on the green in 2.
"I thought of going safely by hitting the ball right and back onto the fairway for possible par save. But I knew that in order to win, I needed birdie. So, I chose the risky shot."

The risky shot ended way over the green. His 3rd shot got on the downhill of the green and it rolled out of the green. He got it back on the green to 4-meter over the cup but about that time, the game was over for him.

This is his first year with the seed. First part of the season he was not making the cutline, but during the break, he changed his swing and worked so hard on his putting.
"Everything started to come to shape from last week, and this week I had the greatest chance."

"Only 1 out of 5 could win. 4 would be the looser, but I really regret the mistakes I made. I lost by my mistake. I couldn't even get myself in the position to have a birdie chance."

He did lose, and it was something he will regret for a while, but tie to 2nd is his career best.
"This result does give me confidence. I would like to get my hopes up for the future tournaments."

He was born and raised in Nago City of Okinawa Prefecture. Learned to play golf at age of 9 and taught by his father, who owns a golfing school where JLPGA stars like Shinobu Moromizato and Mamiko Higa have graduated. The basic teaching from his father is to "enjoy playing golf "and his son obeys to be optimistic.
"I still have more and more tournaments to play. I will do better so expect me to win soon."