Token Homemate Cup 2019

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Only consecutive "Token" title holder Komei Oda seeks for his V3

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Komei Oda has won two consecutive wins on this tournament in 2009 and 2010.
"That was 10 years ago, I don't even remember it" says, Komei adding the tough wind condition today made him exhausted.

10 years ago, this gusty wind didn't mind him. He probably had felt, that he could play as he wishes in the gusty wind and at the same time it will blow away the others out of contention.
But he chose to play it safe today saying "I aimed only for the center of the green to be on the safe side today".

Also, if it was 10 years ago, he would play in half sleeves even in the cold windy weather, but his outfit was much more than half sleeves. Eventually these outfit made his swing tight, so he decided to take them off, but he ended up exhausted with the coldness.
"Last 9 holes were really tough" recalls Komei.

Komei started out on the 10th, and made 4 straight birdies from 11th, including where he holed the 30-yards bunker shot on the 13th. When he got to his back nine the wind was hauling so Komei shifted to "play safe" mode. Kept his patience and managed to do so.

Later on at the clubhouse, he found out that David Oh made a double bogey on 8th, and Komei suddenly became a co-leader.

"These things don't happen often these days, but to have a chance in winner's circle gets me motivated", grinned Komei.

Order of Merit champion in Year 2014, but no win since then. Now Komei is over 40 years old. Komei really takes good care of younger players, but today he is feeling a bit of rivalry against them.
"I'll tell them not to do so well tomorrow" joked Komei.
His experience might overcome young guns power play and Komei may be able to grab his V3 on this tournament come Sunday.