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"Team Komei's" big and young brothers head to head on Day 3

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Strong winds and tough pin positions made the Day 3 very competitive. Plus, there was also another pressure battle going between the "Team Komei" big and young brothers. Komei Oda, who groups his fellow players from same Kyushu hometown areas, and Daijiro Izumida joined that team 2 years ago. These two and with David Oh will be in the final groupings on the Final round.

"I couldn't get my game going until the end", recalled Komei who managed to score the par for the day and kept himself at the top tied on the leaderboard. He will face his young brotherly figure, Daijiro who is still very young and was born in Heisei Era, head to head at the final round of the final tournament in Heisei Era.

Komei has won consecutive years at this tournament 10 years ago.
"10 years ago, I could drive it farther than anybody in the field, nail the short game dead to the pin. Golf was easy for me then. I had advantage over others constantly."

But things didn't turn out the way he wanted from 5 years ago.
"Young guns are driving so long like I never could have imagined. Nowadays, I always hit the second shot first."

He was Order of Merit titleholder in Year 2014 but lost his touch to win since then. This Token event used to be his favorite, but he missed the cut 2 years in a row last year.

Daijiro joined the "Team Komei" around that time.
"He was tall and had long distance, so I knew he would win pretty soon."
Komei was right, and Daijiro grabbed his first win last year.

Komei welcomes anyone who wants to join his team. Takes really good care of the youngsters, and the team has 15 members now.
"I want to give them chance to get influenced by each other and get good rival effects."

But came the chance to go head to head with Daijiro got Komei motivated.
"I will not go down easily. I will be in Daijiro's way."

Daijiro really thinks of Komei like his master.
"Komei really took me in and cared for me. His words, Order of Merit titleholder's words gave me confidence."

"I know that winning in this circumstance is what I should do to give back to Komei for his full support. I will be dead serious tomorrow."

"Either me or Daijiro, if one of us can win tomorrow, that will be great!"
Let's see if a name from "Team Komei" will end up at the top of the leaderboard come Sunday afternoon.