Token Homemate Cup 2019

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1st Hole-in-One of this season and could become the last one for the Heisei Era?!

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The 1st Hole-in-One of this season happened at 6th (Par 3:219 yards), done by the 26 years old 10th year professional Konosuke Nakazato.

The beautiful swing was by 6 Iron.
"The shot got on the wind and flu straight to the pin."
It bounded lightly, made a slight left to right turn and fell into the cup.

"I was able to see it go in clearly from the tee box. I screamed with joy!"

This was not his first time to make the Hole-in-One on the opening event. Last April, on the Challenge Tournament Abema Tour opening event Novil Cup, he made it on the Round 2 at 13th hole.

This season, with the 2nd finish at the Final QT, Konosuke seeks to secure his Tour Card. That pressure got him a bit nervous.
"I was too strong on my grips", which got his shots out of control and he barely made the cut, 1 under total, tied to 60th.

"I play well relaxed. So, I tried to concentrate when I hit the ball but be relaxed and chat after."
That must have been the key.

Tall and handsome new face is a "close-up member" of the fan gathering project "Golf FAN! Project", and he joined in fan events during the off season.

"Thanks to that project, many fans cheered for me. I found it very meaningful to join those fan events."
Over 5200 spectators came to the Round 3.
"Many fans seemed happier than me to see the hole-in-one. I am so thankful. I learned that entertaining the fans is as important as getting good results."

If no one makes the hole-in-one tomorrow, this will be the last one for the Heisei Era.
"If that happens, I will be honored with that title under my name."