Token Homemate Cup 2019

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Winner's interview: Brendan Jones

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Q. How do you feel about your wonderful win?
A. Just starting to sink in.
When we turn up to play at Token, the tournament at the start of the year, everybody has ambition to win the tournament. And, to be standing here again, having won 7 years ago is an amazing feeling. I still feel my game is good enough, and it showed this week. I am just so happy. I am very very happy.

Q. What was the strategy for the final round?
A. Well yesterday, on my last 2 holes I made bogey. I was very disappointed the way I finished my 3rd round. But I remembered back in 2012 when I last won, I had fantastic Final round. So, I thought if I could get off to a great start today, and I could do that again. It was beautiful day weather wise, and I made good birdie on the 1st, good eagle on 4th, then birdied 6th. So, 4 under in first 6 holes really got me into the mix. Made me feel that there was my tournament to win. I kept the momentum going, and I made more birdies 11, 12 and 14. But I just couldn't make that one more birdie which I really felt that I needed. But as I said, its fantastic way to start the year. I can't be happier.

Q. Best thing in this round?
A. That's when the putt went in at the 18th. It's very stressful trying to win a golf tournament. Very nerve-racking and so many things going on in your head. I thought that I had stayed quite calm, calm as you possibly can be in that situation. But when that putt went in at the 18th, it was more pure relief, that it was over. And it felt that I just done enough to win.

Q. Goal for this season?
A. I've already accomplished my goal. At the start of every year, most players feel that they really want to win a tournament. To do it first up is exciting, and a relief. It gives a feeling that this year is going to be a good year. So, having to start the way I had now, having won the tournament, and with the confidence that you get from winning the tournament, I feel that I can win more along the way. But having said that, I also know how difficult it is to win. As well as I played today, I only won by 1 shot. So, there's a lot of very talented good players in this tour. And winning is difficult. So, I don't take it for granted. If I keep playing like this, I will put myself in with the chance to win, and that all you can ask for. Especially now that I am 44. I feel very old compared to the other young players on this tour.