Dunlop Phoenix Tournament 2018

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Brooks Koepka Press Conference part 1

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Q. The tournament will start tomorrow, how is your game at?
A. Game feels good. I am excited to be here and to get this tournament started. I really enjoy playing this golf course. It's fun. It's a place I feel very comfortable at. A lot of holes seem nice. Just looking forward to get started and play again.

Q. Today's Pro-am round was your last chance for practice, how did it work out?
A. Just getting comfortable with hitting shots to the green. Seeing the way they act on the green. Whether they release or stop. This golf course never plays too firm always pretty soft so, anything on the green usually sticks to pretty much where it lands. Which is nice to see nothing has changed. I played okay today. But then again I never play good in Pro-am so, I am not too concerned about it. Once a game goes off, it's a completely different situation for me.

Q. Please tell us about your expectation for making V3.
A. I expect to win. That's the goal every time I tee off. I expect to win and if I do the right things this week, I going to give myself a really good chance come Sunday with 9 holes to go, then I got opportunity to win. So, I don't see any reason why not? Confidence is definitely there. I feel very good about my game, mental state coming into this. And I want to end this year on high note. Being the last event that I play this year.

Q. How do you feel about being World No.1 player?
A. Feels pretty good. I am not going to lie. It's a cool feeling to know that there in not anyone better on the planet than me. It's a pretty cool feeling. I got to be No.1 right after the Korea. It's a special honor. You at all the names on that list. They are all unbelievably talented players.
It's probably all Hall of Famer's. And to be part of that list is pretty special and something that I worked hard at.

Q. How did you feel when Justin Rose got to be No.1 for few weeks?
A. I mean I was out for 2 weeks, but I don't care. I mean there is going to be guys who wants to be No.1 too. So, when you get to be here, the goal not to be No.1 but to stay No.1. Fair enough, there is 3, may be 4 guys that could really make that jump right now, to be No.1. We are all fairly close. Justin is lot more closer being No.2. I still can separate myself. I got the opportunity to do just that.