Dunlop Phoenix Tournament 2018

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Brooks Koepka Press Conference part 3

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Q. Looking at your scrambling STATS, you are pretty good there. Did the injury early in the season give you more chance to practice? Any reason for that great STATS?
A. I don't know where that is from. I think sometimes STATS is a bit skewed. My GIR was down, even though I feel like I hit it better this year than I probably have ever done on tour. I mean I could miss the green by 6 inches and I have an 8-foot putt. I am fairly aggressive, so I go for a lot of pins. I hit on the fringe and miss the green but if I hole the putt, it's up and down. Sometimes I fell those STATS are bit skewed. I don't think they are best thing to go off of. Because sometimes I hit better than I have, but like my short game, I will never have good STATS there since I am so aggressive. If I miss the green on tough pin, I don't have much green to work with. I am not missing on the safe side, I am missing because I was too aggressive. And on the Tour the rough are so deep, it's not the best opportunity to make the up and down.

Q. You said last year that you have still some Miyazaki Beef left in your freezer. And you have one another last year. What did you do with it?
A. I have 4 freezers in my house. 2 in garage and 2 in kitchen. But there is no room in my freezers, I know that. There is no room for anything so, there' s no ice cream or anything, just a lot of beef. And I don't want to buy another freezer.