Dunlop Phoenix Tournament 2018

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Hideki Matsuyama News Conference part 1

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Q. How is your condition this week?
A. I feel it is much better than last week. But I am still guessing so, I don't know until I start tomorrow.

Q. Any clues to get back to your top game?
A. I thought I got it yesterday on the practice round, but today on the Pro-am round I found myself wondering on same problems. I don't know how I will react tomorrow when the tournament starts, but I hope to play well.

Q. How do you think about pairing up with Ryo Ishikawa and Rikuya Hoshino tomorrow?
A. I rounded up with them on the practice round at the US Open this year, and I wanted to play with them at the tournament, so I am looking forward to it. I wish that I could play amongst them on the Sunday afternoon competing for the win.

Q. It will be 2 years since you will be rounding up with Ryo Ishikawa, how do you feel?
A. It's has been 2 years. I think it was at Japan Open. That time I was the lucky one to win. But nowadays, we are both struggling to find our games so, I hope to keep up with Rikuya Hoshino.

Q. What is your best image for the win?
A. My wish is to be 10 under every day and beat everybody far behind.

Q. What is the key to this week's tournament?
A. I can't single out as one answer.