Dunlop Phoenix Tournament 2018

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Hideki Matsuayama New Conference part 2

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Q. You have made a hole-in-one last year.
A. I don't think it's easy to have a hole-in-one. I have done it last year, but professional golfer plays 4 day in a row, and it doesn't happen so often. I don't aim for the hole-in-one, we all aim for the pin, so if it eventually finds the bottom of the cup, that's great!

Q. Tell us about your goal this week.
A. I will aim for the win regardless of my condition. If I can find a clue, I know I can get my A game back together. I hope to get that soon.

Q. Do you think you can stop Brooks Koepka from making the 3 in a row victory?
A. If I win, I can stop him. But I am not playing against him. I am not the only one looking for this victory, so every player in the field has the chance.

Q. What seems to be the problem of your game now?
A. To hit straight in the games. I do hit pretty straight on the range, but I can't do it in the games. But I am finding some clues during the game. Could be the rhythm, or some other thing. I couldn't find the answer last week, so I hope to find it this week.

Q. What would you like the Japanese spectators to see about Brooks Koepka?
A. How big he is. He is in great shape. He has very long drive, but he also has great short game as well. Of course, for being the No.1 Player means he is mentally tough too. So I want every one to look for that.