Dunlop Phoenix Tournament 2018

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Hideki Matsuyama took the first ever "Wrong Ball Penalty"

Hideki Matsuyama and Ryo Ishikawa, Rikuya Hoshino rounded up together on the first-round of the Dunlop Phoenix today. But surprising accident happened awaited. Hideki and Rikuya both Srixon sponsored players got penalty for hitting the "wrong ball". This kind of accidents doesn't happen much in professional tournaments, but it had to happen today.

"I am really sorry to Rikuya" says, Hideki who shot his second shot before checking the ball on the 14th hole. Both were pretty close. Only 5 yards difference.
Rikuya also apologizes to Hideki that he should have checked too and should have prevented it.

"ball mix up" never occurred in their minds, so both made it in 2 on the green. The happening was found out by their caddied, when they were cleaning the balls.

Hideki's ball is number 3, and Rikuya was number 2. They both have black guide lines written, but Rikuya has two dots on both sides of that line.

It was first ever mistake for Hideki.
"I should have been more careful. I just assumed that Rikuya would hit longer. If it was only me getting the 2-shot penalty, it was okay. But I feel very guilty."

They both ended up getting 2-shot penalty and double-bogeyed the hole. But they were still lucky. If they did not notice until the next hall, and have shot the tee shot on the 15th, both of them ended as DQ.

"I was relieved that Rikuya was able to get on the roll after that accident" says Hideki. They both finished the troublesome first round with 1 over par.

"I was looking forward to playing with Ryo and Rikuya today, but it wasn't fun today with that accident happening. Since the leader is not so far away, we both still have chances. We should do well tomorrow and get over this accident."