Dunlop Phoenix Tournament 2018

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Komei Oda couldn't hit straight but is at the Top

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After the round, playing partners were puzzled. From what they have seen on the round did not make sense that Komei ended up being top of the leaderboard.

"I was in the trees most of the times. My shots went way left. But golf is a funny game. Somehow I ended up 5 under and became first round leader."
Komei hasn't been at the top of the leaderboard for almost 3 years.

Komei's backnine seemed like a diaster. Holes 12,14,15,16 all of these tee shots went way left into the trees. But it all became a great saving holes thanks to Komei's keen iron shots.
"His irons were so hot today that he could make the greens from everywhere, even from the deep forest."

On 12th hole, he got to the edge of the right-side bunker from the trees, then made a chip in birdie from there. On 14th hole, he shot to the 2 meters to the pin and made 4th birdie in a row.

Missing the fairways, and into the trees but 5 under.
"I have made a great putts, but my driver shots are miserable. I was in the trees even at the driving range."

This season, his young buddies like, Shota Akiyoshi and Daijiro Izumida from same home country Kyushu area are taking the winning cups. They are "Team Komei's" young guns.

Komei has achieved the Order of Merit title back in 2014 but hasn't got back in to the winning circle since then. This summer, he couldn't make the cut 5 games in a row. But Komei doesn't want his young guns to down at him. He really wants to get back to where he was before. His goal right now is to get the ticket to the yearend JT Cup. His shot may wonder into the trees, but his goal is clearly set.