Dunlop Phoenix Tournament 2018

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Brendan Jones Interview part 1

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Q. How was your round today?
A. I didn't start so well. I missed two short putts. One in 2nd and then 3 putted on 6th. I was a bit annoyed at that, but I made a really good eagle at 7th. I played my best that I haven't played for long time. I played smart, made no mistakes, probably had my best driving round of the year. I think it felt like I knew where the ball was going.

Q. So your driving was the best?
A. Yes. My swing felt the best, then it felt all week. I have been struggling with my driving. Around here it is so narrow. And these holes you have to really hit good drives. I kept the ball in play. I was in the rough a little bit, but the rough this week is quite gentle. It' not affecting the ball so much. I am playing with Shugo and he is a class act. I don't think anyone drives the ball as good as him. And just mixing with him makes me think that he is the superstar of the future. There is no weakness to his game. So, for me it was good pairing. I feel good when I play with him. Obviously if you are playing with Shugo, you know you are playing well. Because he is there every week. I was happy with my round. Putted really well after those few holes where I missed the couple putt. After that I hardly missed a thing. It was really good round of golf.

Q. How do you think about Brooks Koepka's rounds?
A. As of today he is not playing his best, but he is World Number 1 player, so I know he will be in contention tomorrow. Like Koepka and Tiger, many of the top players come over to this event, so it gives us a great opportunity to play with them.